Do you know who’s the pastor Claudio Duarte? Pastor Claudio Duarte is known nationally for his video clips on YouTube, preaching, guides and seminars for his humor and irreverence in talking in his ministry about partners. Sexual and nostalgicdifficulties, the regimen of your connection, conflicts in relationshipall of these themes Pastor Claudio Duarte offers in his preaching with humor and wisdom employing biblical examples and implementing in a very practical way the teachings on theterm of God for married lifetime. His ministry is focused on marriage restoration, the way to spice up the connection and the way to be content in relationship.

Pastor Claudio Duarte has 
made various appearances in demonstrates such as the software in the Ratinho and Luciana Gimenez, recently viralized on the internet a video wherein he cries using the transsexual daughter of Gretchen (Tammy, todaydeclaring himself to get Tommy) speaking about the bias . Making it crystal clear that while the biblical situation on male to generally be born guy and lady for being born girl it’s in opposition to all type of violence and persecution to the transsexuals exhibiting a biblical placebusiness and coherent. It absolutely was an uncommon second during the Pastor’s vocation than in his wedding-restoration seminars very best noted for jokes and also the nasal voice. .

Pastor Claudio Duarte is pastor 
of your Resume Job in Xerém Suburb of Rio de Janeiro. He typically quotes his very ownromantic relationship with his spouse Mary Duarte, also a pastor with whom he has two children. Turning 92 at age 19, he usually discusses his have difficulties during the romantic relationship, the worries of how you can spice up the relationship and restore marriage as well as troubles of how to be content in relationship. He has currently stated that he has not usually been irreverent, but this was a means of acting that he located to generally be successful when doing work in youth ministries and these days has grown to be his trademark. The pastor speaks overtly about sexuality and controversial challenges faced from the church now within their seminars for partners. His movies on YouTube are one of the most viewed on the globe and he gained a YouTube award for getting the 3rd most viewed pastor on the earth.

You may get acquainted using the pastor’s and his wife’s function by the online market placeacquire your books in your web-sitego to your church’s web page, and view films of numerous of the preachings in your YouTube channel and shared on social networks. Preaching varies from 50 % an hour to preaching in seminars with numerous videos in sequence and it is achievableto make contact with the pastor for conferences, seminars, and preaching occasions by calling his counsel.
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